Information about Rubymist System
Computer-controlled PC-RJ control device Automatic control: Imported programming system is used to set time and procedures, and operation cycle can be set according to customer demands. The program can make the device do rhythmic and random changes about start and end of the system and misting effect combinations. Little operation and maintenance work is needed and it is not necessary to have someone on duty when it is working.
Automatic inspection and maintenance: Integrating many fuctions including monitoring, management and protection, the program monitors operation status of the device, does real-time data analysis, displays problem positions and does automatic maintenance of the device. For the convenience of control and inspection, the device has a remote control interface that can be used to transfer signals to a remote computer, which controls start and end of the device and report problems of the device by alarms.
HP-2N Biological membrane water treatment technology Rubymist water treatment device with HP-2N biological membrane technology can effectively take off bacteria, virus, epiphyte and algae in water and make sure that the nozzles are not blocked and the mist created with Rubymist does not cause damages to human health.
Professional valves designed in modules TTC stainless steel industrial class SJF series valves can ensure lasting and effective operation with nice flow channel design, advanced imported electromagnetic wires, excellent waterproof design and complete stainless steel shell.
Water-cooling direct-discharging INPMUP high-pressure dynamic device The most advanced pumps of the world are used in TTC Rubymist system. The pumps with advanced hydraulic models and unique structural designs are effective and dependable, and can ensure safe and effective operation of the whole system. Moreover, the high-pressure equipment has a dependable constant-pressure device, so that the water pressure in the nozzles is kept constant and the system can operate safely and effectively in any circumstances.
SUS 316 stainless steel parts designed in modules with easy connection Special stainless steel connectors are designed in TTC Rubymist system to provide easy connection. Furthermore, the design makes sure that the high-pressure water does not damage the system because of the 2nd pollution of water. The hard and dependable high-pressure connector design can prevent accidents to the largest extent.
Human-oriented machine box In order to meet demands of individual customers, TTC provides customized machine boxes for indoor and outdoor environments, power distribution stations, gatehouses and even hotel lobbies. The standard machine boxes are made compatible with the environment with some external changes and user-friendly operation interfaces are designed to satisfy different customers.