TTC Rubymist provides excellent operation environment for the cooperation partners.
1. Very low cost: the distributors don¨t need warehouses to store products and fund to purchase products ahead. All the advertising materials and promotions are designed and implemented by the headquarter of the company. The department of market information will help the headquarter manage projects and help you in negotiations with customers.
2. Complete marketing and service system: TTC marketing center provides all the distributors detailed advertisement and promotion schemes and professional trainings of technology and modern marketing knowledge and ideas.
3. Systematic and cooperative management: TTC is not only a misting equipment manufacturer but also a professional misting effect designer. The regional distributors enjoy relative protections, and direct businesses can be operated across regions. There is a clear working load measurement system, service support system sponsored by the headquarter, absolutely fair information sharing system and application procedures for business operations across regions.

TTC is planning to build 300 show centers, 30 service centers in China to provide good and comprehensive services to the customers.