Perfect misting effect
自然雾效-杭州柳浪闻莺 Suspension status/ Natural mist/ 70% of the mist particles ≤4 μm
Using high pressure striking misting technology, TTC Rubymist is able to break water into billions of small particles of 1-10μm in a moment. 70% of the particles are smaller than 4μm in gas status or suspension status, The gas status mist is completely the same as natural mist. For each meter of misting belt, the amount of mist can be as high as 5 m3/min. When people walk in the mist, they can feel the moisture, but the tiny, natural and gentle mist doesn’t wet their clothes easily. Meanwhile, the mist can be an independent scene or work together with other view elements to form new scenes.

Comparing TTC Rubymist with Micro Mist and Cold Mist
Product name TTC Rubymist system Imported micro mist and cold mist
Misting method Striking Rotating flow
Nozzle material 316 stainless steel H62 brass
Spout material Ruby Stainless steel or brass
Hole diameter 0.006″ 0.006″
Water treatment system HP-2N water treatment technology Without water treatment or filtration
Rated pressure 1000psi undecided
Life of nozzle 50 years 1200 hours
Flux (kg/h) 5.91 6.16
human body feeling No obvious feeling of water Obvious feeling of water
Misting status Gas status (705 of the mist particles are smaller than 10 μm) Water mist (most of the mist particles are bigger than 30-50μm)
Floating scope Large (floating) Small (dropping)
Suspension time Long Short
Health benefit Biological water treatment, anion density can be as high as 100-500 thousand per ml., which is 2000-5000 times of that in general city areas There are dirt particles in the mist
Involvement degree People can play in the mist, and their clothes wont be wet Peoples clothes can be wet when they walk in the mist
Regular application Stages, gardens, square parks, offices (creating views, cleaning dusts, lower temperature, increase humidity) Sprinkling plants in agriculture and gardening
Pipe connection Internal removable bayonet connectors for fast connection Welded
Effect comparison 1 nozzle can realize 4.7-5.6m3 /min 8-10 nozzles can realize the same effect
(Note: 10 micron is the dividing line. Particles of less than 10 microns can be breathed in by human and those of more than 10 microns drop down and cannot be breathed in by human.)

(Note: Testing conditions: Environment: indoor, temperature: 23℃, air pressure: 1004.8 hpa, air humidity: 56%, water temperature: 19.5℃, operation water pressure: 1000psi, camera model: HASSELBLAD503CX, aperture: 16, speed: 1 /125)