Professional misting effect design
Our company can provide professional misting effect design to create the best view for you, and our experts can provide complete solutions with TTC Rubymist products to meet your demands from distribution, effect and combination with the surrounding etc.
We follow the following procedures in misting effect design:
1. Project analysis: We understand the characteristics of the project and customer demands through plan drawings, effect drawings and on-spot observations.
2. Misting effect analysis: After project analysis, our experts and customer managers will do a comprehensive analysis under the leadership of VIP customer department, determine the key factors such as the main theme, special demands, regional effect and amount of misting etc.
3. Detailed plan: After the misting effect is determined, our experts start to make distribution plans and effect drawings, write a brief report about factors to make misting effects, maintenance supports and operation cost analysis.
4. Communication with customers: Our customer managers will exchange ideas with customers, and make changes of the plan until the customers are satisfied.