TTC Brand

TTC Rubymist has introduced a brand management system to establish a high-quality international brand image.
At present we have registered trade marks ^TTC ̄ and ^Rubymist ̄, which are protected by the laws.
Positioning: Misting expert, or perfect misting effect solution provider.

We keep on working on the following 4 aspects to create perfect and healthy misting effect:
1. Misting effect design: We can provide professional misting effect design from original ideas to special effect implementation.
2. Equipment provision: We use effective and stable products to realize perfect misting demands
3. Project construction: We can provide fast, convenient and safe project construction service according to customer demands.
4. Research and development and making of industrial standards: We will keep on doing research and development and making innovations constantly. At the same time, we will work on making standards of artificial misting industry to standardize and lead the development of the industry.