Successful experiences
Mature products are made with mature technologies
---- TTC has been working on the field of misting products for many years and over 40 patents have been approved or are in the process of application. As the technical leader of the industry, it makes great products with the most advanced technologies.
---- TTC Rubymist has been acclaimed by many customers in garden view design, architectural design and stage view design. With over 1000 high class customers, TTC is undoubtedly the leader of the industry.

The following projects have witnessed effects of TTC Rubymist:
Real estate projects:
ICBC headquarters (Beijing)    Zinanjiayuan in Beijing    Xinhe Century City in Shanghai    Huangpuxinyuan in Shanghai    Jiuxi Rose Garden in Hangzhou    Zhongxinghuayuan in Hangzhou     Shanshuiyuan in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou    Zhongyu Modern City in Hangzhou    Anxiang Restaurant in Hangzhou    Ketianxia Restaurant in Meizhou    

Hong Kong Dysneyland    Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden    Yuandadu Wetland in Beijing Yingtaogou Botanical Garden in Beijing    Buyecheng Greenbelt in Shanghai South Side of West Lake in Hangzhou     Dragon Well Mountain Garden in Hangzhou    Zizhou in Guilin    Tianzhushan Forest Park in Amoy    Zhejiang Hall of the 6th Chengdu Flower Expo

Stage views:
Opening Ceremony of the 10th National Games (Nanjing)    Opening Ceremony of the 4th East Asian Games (Macau)    2004 China-ASEAN Expo and Nanning Folk Song Festival (Nanning) 2005 China-ASEAN Expo and Nanning Folk Song Festival and Southeast Asian Folk Art Festival (Nanning)     The 7th National Art Festival of China (Hanghozu)    TV program series ^Chivalrous Knight-errant ̄ (CCTV version) directed by Zhang Jizhong     Impression of Liu Sanjie (Yangshuo)    Impression of Lijiang (Lijiang)    2006 CCTV-1 Spring Festival Show    2006 Spring Festival Show of the Ministry of Culture     ^Orphan from Zhao¨s Family ̄ played by Beijing People¨s Art Group    A Dream of Butterfly (Dali)

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