A Cool Summer with TTC Rubymist and an Appointment in Water Game Park-- Hand in hand between TTC Rubymist and Guangzhou Changlong Group (II)

July is a hot month in most part of China. But TTC Rubymist took some cool feeling to the biggest water game park in Changlong.
With facilities in a piece of land of 200,000 m2, Changlong Water Game Park in Guangzhou is the biggest water game park in Asia, and it is also a water game park with the most advanced water game facilities in the world. With the goal of becoming a top five water game park of the word, it has imported the most advanced water game facilities designed and installed by professional world-class water game companies.
TTC artificial mist is mainly used in the drifting area of the park. When the tourists drift down the stream, the cool mist from the top of melon frame can cover the whole river like gauze. The tourists can have the feeling of going through a fairyland. While enjoying the cool mist and beautiful views around, the tourists can have more interaction and fun and feel more comfortable when they play in the park.
While TTC artificial mist brought cool feeling to tourists in Changlong Water Game Park, it also made TTC people feel cool. In this hot summer, we all have TTC and cool feeling.

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Yuting Taoran