TTC Rubymist Signed the First Olympic Games Project Successfully

While people are expecting the Beijing Olympic Games with the slogan of ^One World, One Dream ̄ in China, Tianteng People had the most memorable moment in its history when they received the news that TTC Rubymist had signed the first Olympic Games project - Olympic Village from Beijing at the beginning of September 2007. Tianteng People are so excited and proud of it, just as the Chinese people are very excited and proud of the successful bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games.
The successful signing of the contract was impossible without diligence and hard work of Tianteng People. Tianteng People will answer the call of ^Green, Cultural and Technological Olympic Games ̄ and do their best to create a poetic misting environment with Jiangnan flavor. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran