Yuting Taoran Accompanied by Mist

Yuting Taoran is within Loop II of Beijing in the axial of the royal city. Being close to Loop II and the two main streets of Beijing from east to west, 3 km from Tiananmen Square in the north, 1 km from the southern axial road, and with the southern moat in its south, it can reach any part of the city with ease and the whole project is naturally connoted with the surrounding prosperity of the city.
The planned land use of Yuting Taoran is 146000 square meters and the total construction area is about 500000 square meters. Designed by a famous architecture planning and designing company, the project is planned with elements of hotel apartment, house, residential community and commercial street and built for elites and white collars of different industries.
Gardening is designed by a famous garden design company EDSA, which used international garden designing ideas to create a unique modern garden with Jiangnan flavor in Beijing. Using the original beauty of Taoran Lake to create the effect of two water systems and adopting classical Jiangnan style garden design methods together with many modern elements, the garden is a pure beauty that mixes classical and modern gardening styles.
TTC Rubymist is used to create the environment of Jiangnan style garden with modern technology. The light and gentle mist is sent to the designated spaces continuously to create a nice environment. The artificial mist surrounds the small bridges, running rivers, plants and flowers, and finally drops to the ground and water surface. The water is running down the river level by level and the green plants are hidden in the mist. What a nice view!
As another form of water, mist is being used in gardening of more and more real estate projects. It is a healthy and environment-friendly view creation method as it can protect the plants and activate water body at the same time. Now TTC Rubymist system has been used in Phase I of Yuting Taoran and its sales office, and it is acclaimed by the real estate developer as well as its customers.

Yuting Taoran Accompanied by Mist--TTC雾森 雾效专家/人工造雾/人造雾/冷雾/喷泉   Yuting Taoran Accompanied by Mist--TTC雾森 雾效专家/人工造雾/人造雾/冷雾/喷泉   Yuting Taoran Accompanied by Mist--TTC雾森 雾效专家/人工造雾/人造雾/冷雾/喷泉  
TTC雾森 雾效专家/人工造雾/人造雾/冷雾/喷泉
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Yuting Taoran