Misting Makes the ¡°Water Drop¡± of the Pavilion of the World Meteorological Organ

Shanghai World Expo is about to begin soon. Now the pavilions of 192 countries, 50 international organizations, 18 enterprises and 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are almost finished. The pavilion of the World Meteorological Organization is also in its final stage of testing. It is said that the ¡°Rain Drop¡± will be put into test operation later in April.
The misting system of the pavilion of the World Meteorological Organization is made by China Tianteng Rubymist International. After signing the cooperation agreement with the World Meteorological Organization, the technicians of TTC Rubymist worked out many technological problems in construction and installation and strived to make a perfect ¡°Water Drop¡± for the visitors. After many testing and adjustment, we are confident to bring some surprise to visitors

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