TTC Rubymist Makes the Pavilion of the World Meteorological Organization Colorfu

The rain did not affect the enthusiasm of the visitors who went there to take part in the test operation of the pavilion of the World Meteorological Organization on April 20, 2010. Many visitors said that they were attracted to the pavilion by its reputation and some of them said that they were there to see the rainbow and let their children feel the wonder of the nature. Many students said that their interest about the pavilion of the world Meteorological Organization increased after hearing about the rainbow. It is easy to see that the rainbow is an important attraction of the pavilion. Although it rained on the day of test operation, people still have high expectation about the artificial rainbow in the pavilion of the World Meteorological Organization.     
The pavilion is designed with focus on meteorology from the beginning and TTC Rubymist system is introduced to create the natural misting effect. With the system custom designed for the pavilion by TTC Rubymist, rainbow, which can be seen by chance instead of purposeful seeking, is now inside the park of the World Expo. In good climate conditions, visitors can see the artificial rainbow across the pavilion of the World Meteorological Organization from the right angle, and the rainbow will be more colorful and attractive with good cooperation of ^Mr. Sun ̄. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran