King Kong Equipped with TTC Rubymist in the Chinese Dinosaur Park

Representatives of TTC Rubymist attended the opening ceremony of Kuksuk Valley Project of the Chinese Dinosaur Park in Changzhou on April 27, 2010. Taking an area of 60000 square meters, this Phase III project of the park with total investment of 400 million yuan will be open to the public after the ceremony. As one of the best entertaining facilities to attract tourists, King Kong installed in this park is the second of the world and the first in China. TTC Rubymist system is used in King Kong to make it look more powerful.
Made in Germany, King Kong is a new entertaining system based on the Oscar-winning movie ^King Kong ̄. When it is turned on, King Kong of over 20 meters high will raise its hands to send the tourist to its mouth slowly, it swings and rolls the tourist violently and sprays mist from its nostrils through TTC Rubymist system to make the process more challenging.
With misting effect of TTC Rubymist system, King Kong in Kuksuk Valley of the Chinese Dinosaur Park looks more powerful and terrible, and tourists are more excited to meet the challenge. With the function of adjusting temperature and humidity, TTC Rubymist is used as an entertaining element here in King Kong. This is a good example of combination of view creation and entertaining. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran