TTC Rubymist Used in the Opening Ceremony of 2010 China Guiyang Summer Fun Seaso

The opening ceremony of 2010 Guiyang Summer Fun Season will be held at 8:00 of May 5, 2010. As an important event of 2010 Summer Fun Season, it will be televised live by Guizhou Satellite TV.
TTC Rubymist will create elegant and dreamlike stage effect for the opening ceremony. The misting zone will be arranged before the stage and along the water area. Three-level misting effect will be used according to the actual situations. Besides, the spraying nozzles are controlled in two groups, one in front of the stage and another in front of the audience seats. Together with the colorful lights, TTC Rubymist system will be turned on to create wonderful stage effects. Meanwhile, it can release anions to give the audiences the feeling of staying in the forest, which is very compatible with the theme of ^summer fun, eco-friendliness and industry ̄. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran