TTC Rubymist to Created Harmony in the Opening Ceremony of the 4th National Game

Hosted by the General Administration of Sports of China and organized by Hefei Municipal Government, the opening ceremony of the 4th National Games is going to be held at 20:00 of May 16, 2010. In all the comprehensive sports meetings, the opening ceremony is always the most attractive part of the event and this one will be carefully designed to give you surprises also.
With the theme of ¡°harmonious Anhui in energetic China¡±, the opening ceremony will emphasize the local flavors of Hefei, Anhui, using modern sound, light and electronic technologies and TTC Rubymist system. It will be a grand entertaining show to promote national fitness campaign and a visual banquet for the audiences to enjoy.
TTC Rubymist system is installed on the site of the opening ceremony and it will use different misting styles to display grandness of big squares, gentleness of Jiangnan style watertwons and thickness of endless clouds. In addition, TTC Rubymist will use its newest technology, developed based on the mist screen movie in the Korean Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo, to create a mist screen for projection. The perfect misting effect will display the sports spirit of the athletes from different parts of china, combination of power and beauty and people¡¯s enthusiasm in the national fitness campaign.
The opening ceremony of the 4th National Games will be televised live at CCTV-5 from 20:00 of May 16, 2010. The game emblem named ¡°Great Chinese Festival¡± and the game anthem ¡°Carol of Chinese Sports¡± will also be shown in the opening ceremony. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran ¡¡