Beauty of Wetland in Mist C About TTC Rubymist in Dongdahe Park of Jinning, Kunm

Dongdahe Park is a new wetland park with small islands, pavilions, rivers and bridges in Puning, Kunming. With tall trees, low bushes, deep lakes and shallow rivers, it is a paradise for people to enjoy spring beauty of wetland.
TTC Rubymist system is used in 4 sections around the water system in the central area. From the Viewing Pavilion, one can see the effect of the main misting area in the east, light and fresh mist in the west and elegant and fragrant mist along the zigzag bridges in a distance. Making the small island look nice and mysterious and the water plants of the wetland fresh and green, the mist creats a vivid and lovely park and divides the lake into the closed part and the open space. TTC Rubymist brings not only a good environment for the wild animals to live, but also dreamlike atmosphere for people to enjoy the beauty of the wetland.
TTC Rubymist system can be combined with many view elements to realize perfect effect. Located in the spring city Kunming, Dongdahe Wetland Park is a nice place to enjoy the natural views and the spring-like climate all the year round. With anions made by TTC Rubymist system, this wetland park is really charming and fascinating. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran