Mist above the Dragon City and Pleasure in Longtang Hotspring

Hotspring is an important part in health preservation culture of China. After several thousand years of development, hotsprings have become important resources for health preservation, leisure, tourism and cultural experience.
Located at the southeast corner of Chinese Dinosaur Park, Longtang Hotspring is a large ecological park designed following the principle of ^Ecology, nature, fashion and elegance ̄. With a TTC Rubymist system installed in 2009, it is a hotspring park surrounded by green trees and colorful flowers.
In Longtang Hotspring, the outdoor hotspring pool surrounded by green plants, many stone artworks and flying mist looks like a wonderland. The visual effect is fascinating. The misting nozzles of TTC Rubymist system are distributed near the frame of the Royal Medicine Pool and Fish Treatment Pool, at the bottom of the big waterfall and under the big rocks. The mist above the water surface, around the green plants and along the rocks can make people think about the fairyland of another world. Mist, which is from water and better than water, combines with the hotspring pools and the green trees to create the most natural and romantic environment for people to enjoy complete freedom and happiness.

The misting effect design of the hotspring project differs from other gardens in function planning to emphasize the concept of health preservation. Producing many healthy anions, TTC Rubymist system makes the air almost the same as that of virgin forest, which is one of the most successful elements of the project.

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Yuting Taoran