Morning Breeze above Yangri Lake and Misty Valley

Taking an area of 194 hectares at the north end of Downtown Shenzhen, Lianhuashan Park is a great leisure resort with beautiful views and comfortable environment, and it is one of the windows of Shenzhen for its special location and cultural heritages. A statue of Deng Xiaoping, the general designer of reform and opening to the outside world of China, is erected in the center of the Top Square. As the bronze statue has inscription of Comrade Jiang Zemin, who inaugurated the statue himself, the Top Square has become an ideal place to recall the achievements of the great leaders.
Two scenic areas including ¡°Morning Breeze above Yangri Lake¡± and ¡°Rainforest Valley¡± were open to the public in July 2009 and TTC Rubymist systems are used to emphasize quietness and elegance of the views.
¡°Morning Breeze above Yangri Lake¡± is full of waving grasses and flowers in mist in the southeast corner of the park. Yangri Lake is connected with the water system of Rainforest Valley, so the two areas of the park are organically connected. There are many beautiful views around the lake. Standing on the small bridges or paths, you will have the feeling of staying in a wonderland outside the world when the mist flies up, and you are away from the noisy city suddenly. Another new scenic area called ¡°Rainforest Valley¡± is located in the valley in the east side of the park. With the water flowing along the 600-meter-long river through the wetland, misty vale and greenery passage, all the visitors can feel the freshness and quietness of the valley. The Metasequoia Island of ¡°Rainforest Valley¡± is filled with many lianas and aerial root plants. It is great to learn knowledge about the nature and ecosystem in this area that looks like real rainforest when the mist created by TTC Rubymist system is perfectly combined with the green mountains and running rivers to make the mountain views quiet and mysterious. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
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