Beauty of Mist Integrated into New Midea Building

With 31 floors above ground, the 128-meter-high Midea headquarters building is under internal decoration now. This building will be the tallest in Shunde, Foshan after it is put into use in October, and it will become the Midea operation center for strategic decision, operation management, technology innovation and marketing. It will also serve as the strategic base for Midea to integrate global resources.
Midea building is unique in overall image and details. With fashionable and elegant elements and delicate and fine details, it is a modern, green, intelligent and energy-saving building in Shunde, Foshan. The perfect combination of modern style architecture and TTC Rubymist provides a comfortable office environment.
The overall design has achieved a good balance between grandness of the headquarters and energy saving, as well as environment protection, which is adapted to ecological philosophy of surroundings. The special effect of TTC Rubymist in the plaza reflects the splendid image of Midea head office and creativity of modern buildings. TTC Rubymist has used natural ecological elements, such as mist, fountains and water, to create the artificial mist and diversified spaces of building, forming unique ecological offices and realizing comfortable office environment. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran