Mist Deployed at Peach Blossom Island Added Charms to Guangzhou Asian Games

The 16th Asian Games were held in Guangzhou China from 12th to 27th of November, 2010. Guangzhou is the second city in China to host Asian Games. Guangzhou New Central Axis, also called the living room of the city, is the place to hold the opening ceremony of the Asian Games. When all lights are turned on in the evening, it looks like a drawing of dream stretching about 5km.
In the north part of New Central Axis, there is an oval lake surrounded by many landscape trees. Five Peach Blossom Islands are located in the center of the lake connected by walkways over water. Decorated by flowers, trees, stone landscape, wooden walkways and TTC Rubymist, these five islands have become the highlights in the New Central Axis and added charms to the Asian Games.
Each island has its own name: Taoyuan Island, Taohong Island, Taoying Island, Taohua Island and Taoran Island. A lot of peach trees have been planted in the islands. When it comes to season of flower in March and April of each year, TTC Rubymist¨s mist spray and the beautiful peach blossoms will make the place a picturesque fairyland.

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