TTC Rubymist in the Asian Games at Guangzhou Board Games Club

Guangzhou Board Games Club is located in the mountains and forests, with Baiyun Mountain in the north and Lu Lake in the west, and is regarded as possessing best cultural taste among all stadiums of the Asian Games. The competitions of chess, go and Chinese chess were held in this place. TTC Rubymist has added charms to the uniqueness of the board games.
The major building of Guangzhou Board Games Club is built along the mountain. With grey tiles, white wall, bridge, water pool, pavilion, etc, it is a vivid drawing of a nice yard. TTC Rubymist¨s mist decorates places like waterfall, pool and bamboo path, setting off the quietness of the board games by contrast. The splendid water landscape and beauty of mist have been perfectly mixed. During breaks, the players can enjoy the pleasant environment and take full relaxation. Meanwhile, TTC Rubymist¨s mist can produce plenty of anions of oxygen, or ^Vitamin in the air ̄, providing a nice environment for the game players. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran