Mist Effect in Huzhou Multi-Media Industrial Park

As a key project in the new district in the east of Huzhou Wuxing Zone, Huzhou Multi-Media Industrial Park has gained extensive attention since its construction in 2009. It has a beautiful landscape with all necessary supporting facilities and various energy-saving equipments with new technology such as radiation ceiling, exterior-insulation wall, and top sun shade. TTC Rubymist system has been deployed by the natural lakes to make unique Jiangnan landscapes. Combined with well-cultivated green plants, it presents an interactive office environment in harmony with nature.
In the plaza in front of the office building of the park, TTC Rubymist spray adds more sense of innovation to the scene. TTC artificial mist dances in the sky, providing a nice place for people to take a break during work and negotiation. During day time, it interacts with sunshine to create colorful scenes; in the evening, it looks like a fairyland. Moreover, it can provide cool environment during summer, which is the first use of TTC Rubymist system for out-door temperature control in a multi-media industrial park in Huzhou after it was successfully used in 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.

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Yuting Taoran