Misty Charm at Zhujingchayu

Zhujingchayu is a real estate project with single houses as the main form of property at the side of famous Guzhu Mountain and Jinsha Spring in Changxing. Introducing TTC Rubymist into this project in November 2011, the company works to create a natural and nice project with good Fengshui and perfect water system and views and make it a rare and irreproducible wonder.
Tranquility and nature is emphasized in garden design and the developer also pays attention to Fengshui and relationships with the surrounding areas in planning. There will be a multifunctional square near the central garden with waterfalls and stone bridges. Cloud and mist are regarded as lucky elements in Fengshui, as it is said in Fengshui books that thick mist means there is magic spirit hidden. After the TTC Rubymist system is turned on, it can work together with the surrounding elements to form different views including coupled views, views with borrowed elements and it can also collect energy from the nature. In addition, the site of Zhujingchayu Shuikou Town is a town with long history and rich natural and cultural heritages. The Tang Dynasty Tribute Tea Hall of over 1000 years old, the mysterious Bawang Pool and the beautiful Jinsha Spring all work together to form a beautiful and natural life system of Zhujingchayu. ^Walking along fragrance and lying by riverside ̄, ^Overlooking the beautiful sunshine and drinking the sweet mist in a rainy day, ̄ you can feel such artistic conception in Zhujingchayu.

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Yuting Taoran