With Sword and Porcelain, TTC Rubymist is Welcomed in Longquan People's Square

TTC Rubymist system was put into use recently after Phase I of Longquan People's Square in Lishui was finished. In the middle of November, 2010, Longquan City held the 20th Anniversary Ceremony of Changing Longquan County to Longquan City and the Opening Ceremony of the 5th China Longquan Celadon and Sward Festival. The participation of TTC Rubymist added cultural flavor on the Opening Ceremony of the Longquan Celadon and Sward Festival and increases appeal of the water view system of Longquan People's Square.
In Longquan People's Square, the river, fountain, waterfall, mist from TTC Rubymist system, the water front balcony and the plank road made a fantastic world of water in the square. The unique environment-friendly water view system is centered at the fountains in the center. The pool is filled with crystal clear water that runs down step by step to make many waterfalls. The mist flies above the water surface. The dancing of waterfalls and the elegant water flow are connected to make this nice and natural wonder. The dynamic fountain and waterfall gives the whole square energy and fun and the mist made from TTC Rubymist makes this place more comfortable and beautiful. When people walk along the small paths near the water views of the square, they can breathe in the mist with a lot of anions while enjoying the natural beauty that can keep them healthy and relaxed.

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Yuting Taoran