Yuanshangyuan, a Misty Eco-friendly Community in Hefei

Neighboring Xinhai Park and Eco Park, Yuanshangyuan is a famous residential community that enjoys all the benefits of the two ^city lungs ̄ in Hefei. TTC Rubymist was used in this community to create artificial mist and make the modern community nice, energetic and natural. Application of TTC Rubymist system not only reflects the designer¨s respect to the original environment but also increases interactiveness between building and environment.
Following the principle of providing healthy environment for residents, the designers designed the water views of Yuanshangyuan using the element of TTC Rubymist misting, so that people who exercise here can enjoy the natural, pure and fresh environment. Meanwhile, it is a wonderful place for people to chat, release their pressure in the nature and appreciate the human-oriented landscapes. TTC Rubymist pays attention to quality of water views as well as life quality, and the mist of TTC Rubymist enhances overall quality of Yuanshangyuan in both function and sensual experience, as it considers demands of life and leisure of the residents to the biggest extent and uses different misting effects to promote harmony and combination between human and nature in the lake, plants, rocks and waterfalls.

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Yuting Taoran