TTC Rubymist Mist Enjoyed by Penguin---- TTC Rubymist Installed in Penguin Hall

Located in Hanyang District of Wuhan, Wuhan Zoo is a semi-natural zoo with natural lake, green hills, beautiful birds and fragrant flowers, and it is also a comprehensive zoo park that integrates wild animal raising, breeding, collecting, saving, education and entertainment. TTC Rubymist was recently installed in Penguin Hall of Wuhan Zoo to bring extraordinary comfort to the penguins in winter.
Penguin Hall of Wuhan Zoo is composed of rockeries, pools and green plants. Besides the penguins, the most attractive thing of this area is the white mist all over the rockeries. TTC Rubymist misting system needs only 30 seconds to create the effect of natural cloud and mist. When the rockeries are covered with mist, they look like dreamlike snow. After tourists get into Penguin Hall through a cave under the rockeries, they will see the mist made with TTC Rubymist before finding the small penguins playing in the mist. Walking along the side of the pool, tourists can see mist coming from the corners under the green plants. Together with the ^snow mountain ̄ in a distance, they make people feel like staying in a dreamlike world of snow. TTC Rubymist products were used in 2010 World Expo to control temperature in hot summer in Shanghai, we are happy to notice that the hosts of Penguin Hall also like the pleasure of playing with mist in winter. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran