TTC Rubymist
TTC Yesterday, today and tomorrow

TTC Rubymist was established in 1999 in Hangzhou in the center of the most developed Yangtze River Delta, and People in TTC Rubymist always use advanced technologies to develop products, market and industry, and promote progress of TTC Rubymist through constant study and innovation.

Based on new product development, TTC Rubymist has more than 40 national patents that have been approved or in the process of application, and its products have been used by more than 1000 quality customers. Now it is strengthening its position as a leader of the industry with more and more cooperation with its partners in developing the market, which is another milestone in its development process.

TTC will focus on construction of technical power, production bases, service network and teams with high standard goals of 10-year-development-plan. We will cooperate with our partners to form new value chains, realize resource optimization and establish a healthy and steady sales network in three years. At the same time, we will try to enter the field of risk investment. With the establishment of China TTC Rubymist International Co., Ltd in Hong Kong, we have set up a good base for future development.